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GEFRAN Controller 04

Model: 1600P / 1800P
SPECIFICATIONS:  • Universal input configurable from the faceplate  • Acquisition of the input signal every 120msec ; resolution 30000steps  • Two control outputs: relay, logic or analogue with Heat/Cool function  • 3 configurable alarms  • 2 analogue outputs (setpoint retransmission)  • 2 digital inputs with configurablefunction  • Auxiliary input for C.T. or remote setpoint  • Heater Break or shortcircuit probe alarm  • Self and Auto-tuning, Soft-start, Local/Remote setpoint, Auto/Man  • 12 (16) steps arranged in max. 4 programs  • Second SP retransmitted to a slave controller, with same time-base 
APPLICATIONS:  • Plastics extrusion lines and injection moulding machines  • Polymerisation plant for synthetic fibre production  • Climatic chambers and test benches  • Continuous ovens and dryingunit ceramics and brick  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries  • Furnaces  • Food processing plant  • Painting machines  • Water treatment  • Siderurgy industry  • Packaging machinery 
Model: 3400 / 4400
SPECIFICATIONS:  • Cascade control  • Ratio control  • Square root extraction on input signal  • Programmer with 4 setpoints and 4 ramps  • Thermocouple or resistance thermometer inputs and linear inputs with configurable scale and linearisation  • Isolated inputs for remote setpoint, valve position feedback signal or load break detection  • Two control outputs with independent PID parameters (Heat/Cool)  • AUTO/MAN station with bumpless  transfer incorporated  • Configurable output for as retransmission signal  • Serial line: optoisolated 4-wires configurable. Protocol: GEFRAN CENCAL 
APPLICATIONS:  • Climatic chambers and test benches  • Furnaces and ovens that require a setpoint that varies with time  • Steriliser, autoclaves, dryers, plant for transformation  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries  • Food processing plants  • Water treatment  • Siderurgy industry  • Furnaces for ceramics and bricks  • Heat exchange control 
Model: 3500 / 4500
SPECIFICATIONS:  • Thermocouple, resistance thermometer and linear inputs with configurable scales and characterisation  • Remote setpoint, valve position or load current sensing input (optional)  • 8 configurable optoisolated digital inputs (optional)  • 8 configurable optoisolated outputs that may programmed with time (optional)  • Double independent PID outputs (Heat/Cool) 10 sets of PID tuning parameters to select from for each program step  • Configurable isolated retransmission output  • 2...10 configurable alarms  • Expansion up to 16 relay outputs (optional) (with 2 MD81 units)  • Serial line: optoisolated 4-wire configurable. Protocol: GEFRAN CENCAL or MODBUS 
APPLICATIONS:  • Climatic chambers and test benches  • Ovens that require a setpoint that changes over time  • Sterilisers, Autoclaves, Dryers, Moulding  • Chemical and pharmaceutical  • Food processing plants  • Siderurgy industry  • Furnaces for ceramics and bricks  • Painting cabinets 
Model: 2500
  SPECIFICATIONS:  • Double configurable input for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD  • Two auxiliary analog inputs  • Differential measurement • High precision: 0.1 % f.s. ± 1 digit  • Automatic calibration for 6-wire strain gauge  • Transmitter power supply and strain gauge probe power supply  • PID controls with 8 sets of selectable parameters  • 4 configurable alarms, failsafe function  • up to 3 isolated analog outputs for control and retransmission  • 4 digital inputs  • 4 relay outputs with configurable function  • expansion with 4 configurable digital inputs and/or outputs  • Serial communication interface: - RS485/RS 232 MODBUS RTU protocol (optional) - Profibus DP Slave (optional)  • Front panel with three 5-digit displays and two bar graphs 
APPLICATIONS:  • Pressure controls on extrusion and injection press lines for plastics  • Differential pressure control  • Strength control on textile, paper, plastic film production lines  • Tension control on winding stations 


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